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Temprana Reflex Rehabilitation Education by Lone Sorensen

Temprana Reflex therapy and home training method method is a brain re-training concept usually based at the client's home, composed of different neurological stimulation methods for - face, foot, and hand reflex therapies, muscle reflex therapy and Brain Gym. This concept also includes nutritional counseling / supplements.

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By stimulating reflex areas and points on the face, feet and hands it is possible to re-train the brain and body´s functions to optimize help with brain issues, chemical processes, endocrine system, blood circulation, organs and muscles; as all these processes are activated through impulses from the central nervous system.

How does Temprana Reflex therapy method work?

By stimulating neurological points on the face, skull, feet and hands, electrical impulses are sent through the Central Nervous System to the brain, where neurotransmitters will be charged and then send the impulses back to the body's organs and glands to help regulate all body processes and the body's self-healing process.

Besides the brain functions, it is also possible with Temprana Reflex therapy to stimulated hormone and body functions, thereby helping to alleviate breathing problems, allergies and digestive problems. The Temprana Reflex method helps sensory dysfunctions such as poor vision and hearing. By stimulating the endocrine and lymphatic system Temprana Reflex method increases the excretion of waste substance, which ensures better conditions for the immune system.

Personal program

On basis of a consultation and analyze of a child or adult with brain or Central Nervous system problems it is possible for the Temprana instructor to organize an individual program adapted to the individual situation. Two people with the same disease / symptom will never get the same program.

Everyone has a unique medical history; none are alike! Long-term process. Home Training with Temprana method is a long-term process.

train for some new ongoing adjustment of the nerve points.

Regular contact

To achieve the best results, it is an important part of the Temprana Reflex Therapy program to maintain regular contact between family and therapist to check up on the client's response to the stimulation.

Temprana Reflex Therapy is a suitable stimulation for children / adults for all types of disabilities as it may help with:

  •     Congenital brain injury.img pc
  •     Lack of oxygen during birth or birth defect.
  •     Tumor.
  •     Accident.
  •     Post-traumatic disorders - for example after a skull fracture.
  •     Neurological disorders.
  •     Motor and sensitive disorders.
  •     Spasticity.
  •     Epilepsy.
  •     Autism.
  •     Speech and language disorders.
  •     Vision and hearing problems.
  •     Disorders of the hypothalamus and other hormonal disorders.
  •     Lack of muscle tone.
  •     Breathing - and digestive problems.
  •     Etc.


Temprana Reflex Therapy for adults

The method provides intensive home training programs for adults with acquired brain injury and with post-traumatic syndrome. Temprana Reflex method may often make a difference to people who have suffered an acquired brain injury as due to cerebral hemorrhage, thrombosis and blows to the head, with consequences as paralysis, impaired muscle strength, dizziness, balance problems, fatigue and sensory disturbances.

 Temprana Reflex therapy is also stunningly beneficial to help aid recovery from various cognitive functions such as concentration and attention, memory, language difficulties, impaired ability to plan, reduced orientation and / or difficulties with problem solving. Also, for personality changes related to brain injury: depression, lack of control and control of emotions and decreased initiative and commitment.


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Temprana Therapy is designed for intensive treatment at home by the family, and / or the

Temprana Therapy was developed by Lone Sørensen, who has been working with brain-impaired children and adults since 1978. You can read more about Temprana Therapy at

1 module - theory and practice of brain injury.

2 module - theory and practice of syndromes.

3 Module - Theory and Practice of Mental Illnesses.

4 Module theory and practice of behavioral or learning problems.

5 module - theory and practice in teaching methods for parents and institutes.

The courses are CE provided

The Courses Reflexology sorensensistem tm is approved and Co- sponsored by Lone Sorensen, P00124, is approved as a provider of continuing education by the American Reflexology Certification Board. Reconocido por y Co-sponsored by the North Carolina Reflexology Association and the Center for Healing Arts, NCBTMB. EEUU Approved by DDZ, Denmark.Approved by AoR, United Kingdom Approved by Federation for Holistic Therapists. (FHT)Uk Approved by Irish Reflexologists' Institute (IRI). Trademark Registration No 003701752 af 31/10005


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