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Thermie Therapy

THERMIE therapy sorensensistem™ is based in a combination of Reflex Therapy -muscle stimulation, nerve - and acupuncture points on face, feet and hands.

THERMIE incense therapies are used in Korea and Japan.

THERMIE therapy sorensensistem™ consists of applying heat to zones and points on the body, using natural Japanese herbs, prepared as thin incense smoking sticks and then placed in a special metal tube. 

 Thermie treatment

The herbs and the heat have a therapeutic effect and the smoke from the herbs has a pleasant smell that acts as aromatherapy during treatment.

Upon stimulation of the zones and pressure on nerves- and acupuncture points on the skin, THERMIE therapy acts on the nervous-, endocrine system and activates the immune system and the blood circulation. 

The treatment also has an anti-inflammatory effect and immediately relieves pain in general all over the body; joints, muscles and bones.

When muscles are tense, accumulated waste substances can cause pain, stiffness and muscle spasms. By increasing the blood- and lymph circulation to and from the muscles using the THERMIE therapy the separation of the harmful waste products accelerates. At the same time fresh blood and oxygen increase into the tissues.

THERMIE therapy increase vitality.

The combination of zone and point stimulation, heat and aromatherapy enhanced the therapeutic effect and provides a profound and beneficial effect on health.

THERMIE therapy for problems such as: 

  • Inflammatory conditions of any kind
  • Pain
  • New blood and lymph flow into the cells.
  • Increases the blood's ability to carry oxygen
  • Releasing the endorphins, which gives a feeling of well-being
  • Muscle tension
  • Reducing stress
  • Depression
  • Etc.

The treatment is especially good for muscular pain, migraine, depression, apathy, lack of energy, feelings of emptiness, emotional stress, insomnia, insecurity and fear.

THERMIE sorensensistem FOR BEAUTY

As THERMIE therapy increase the skins blood flow and cellular metabolism, new cells are formed, which results in a reduction of spots and wrinkles.

Likewise eye bags and dark circles under the eyes and droopy eyelids disappear very fast and shine in the eyes recover much faster than you've seen with other anti-aging methods. 

Great supplement to Japanese Lifting!

THERMIE therapy is also great for removing scars.

Module 1: 

  • Use and maintenance of THERMIE instruments-Reionki, incense sticks and accessories.
  • Smoke, extinguishing, temperature and position of Reionki of during treatment processing.
  • How to use the instrument (Reionkis) and various options for the use of the method.
  • Treatment THERMIE therapy sorensensistem  of the face, hands, feet and body after traditional Reflex Therapy sorensensistem.


 Advanced method of Thermie Reflex Therapy module 2

The course gives you a complete overview of the perfect combination and opportunity to include all functions related to a particular disease.

Especially diseases of severe and chronic, immune system - autoimmune diseases such as Cancer, Arthritis, Psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis, Addison disease, Anemia, lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac disease, Myasthenia Gravis, Vitiligo and Infection and Inflammation etc.

With this technique it is also possible to treat specific problems such as muscle tension and all the postural consequences of muscle problems such as Sciatica, Heel spur, shoulder, neck, lowe back problems, problems with facial nerves etc.


Learning to analyze blocks of the nervous system you will obtain information about why an illness occurs.

You will also learn how a treatment protocol is composed after analysis and how to treat specific health problems by stimulating dermatomes - nerves zones on the body, in combination with Reflex therapy and colon related zones with THERMIE method.

Module 2

  • Theory
  • Analysis Technology
  • Composition of protocols
  • Dermatomes
  • Neuro-body zones
  • Cancer of the colon reflex treatment
  • Combination Zones
  • Metabolism regulatory hand stimulation
  • Practice / THERMIE therapy treatments




The courses are CE provided

The Courses Reflexology sorensensistem tm is approved and Co- sponsored by Lone Sorensen, P00124, is approved as a provider of continuing education by the American Reflexology Certification Board. Reconocido por y Co-sponsored by the North Carolina Reflexology Association and the Center for Healing Arts, NCBTMB. EEUU Approved by DDZ, Denmark.Approved by AoR, United Kingdom Approved by Federation for Holistic Therapists. (FHT)Uk Approved by Irish Reflexologists' Institute (IRI). Trademark Registration No 003701752 af 31/10005


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