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Foot Reflexology

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Neuro-Foot Reflex Therapy “Praxis Vertebralis”

Are you interested in a new and modern method of Neuro-Reflexology?

Do you want to learn an effective technique that can restore the body's balance both physically and mentally very quick? 

Then this course Tibetan Neuro-Reflex therapy is the right choice for you!
Treatment with Neuro-Reflex Therapy, based in Posturology, which is a method that is performed on the feet.

The Tibetan Foot Reflex therapy is a neurological technique, developed by Lone Sorensen. With this technique you are able to restore balance in the body physically, chemically, biologically and mentally and also balance postural problems. 

Since the method first appeared in Tibet about 500 years f.Kr the method was performed directly on the spine. The ancient technique has been renewed and studied by doctors in Argentina, which has elucidated more accurate neurological connections.

Now it’s possible to perform the method from areas and points on the feet.

"Praxis Vertebral" as the Tibetan Neuro-Foot Reflex therapy also is called, can be used as an independent method. Neuro-Foot Reflex Therapy can also be combined with traditional reflexology and massage techniques.

With the course you can get better, faster and more targeted results in the treatment of: 

  • pain.
  • All kinds of diseases.
  • All kinds of dysfunctions.

An unconscious bad position can cause imbalances and problems with the health. With Neuro-Foot Reflex Therapy, you have a perfect tool to correct postural conditions.

Content of Foot Reflex Therapy course

  • Review of the Tibetan philosophy basic principles.
  • Theory of microsystems.
  • Appendix Method - using special acupressure points-
  • Demonstration.
  • Internship


Treatment with Neuro-Reflex Therapy, based in Posturology, which is a method that is performed on the feet.

Neuro Foot Praxis Vertebralis Diploma course

Content Module 1. 16 hours

-Posturology, observations of the body posture.
-The influence of the postural problems on the physical and emotional function.
-The central nervous system.
-The dermatome maps

-The map of neurological zones and points of the foot, corresponding to the spine and spine nerves.
-Analysing method
-Correction of postural problems through feet.
-Treatment method of the physical spinal line
-The “emotional” map corresponding to the spine.
-Treatment of the emotional spinal line

Content Module 2. 16 hours

-Method of analyzing emotional problems and traumas reflected on the spine.
-Method of treating emotional problems and traumas from the spine reflex area on the feet.
-Knowledge of the brain's function / anatomy
-Method of analyzing and treating areas on the feet corresponding to the brain and cortex.
-The anatomy of the Cranial nerves 
-Method of analyzing and treating areas of the Cranial Nerves.
-Treatment methods

The courses are CE provided

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