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Welcome to Facial Reflexology
By Lone Sorensen

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Foot Reflexology

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Facial Reflexology

Blog de Lone Sorensen

Aquí encontrarás una selección de artículos que te ayudarán a conocer más en profundidad el mundo de las terapias

Learn more about specialized trainings to help the elderly

Learn more about specialized trainings to help the elderly

Do you want to become an expert in helping elderly?
Learn How to Maximize Your Potential as a reflexologist!

During these specialized education Lone Sorensen introduces the tools and techniques for defining and achieving success in treating your family at home and at work.
You'll learn how to find the cause of many deseases and health imbalances and how to help with Facial Reflexology as the main tool.

Hand Reflexology for Elderly
The method provides intensive home workout program for adults and children with acquired brain injury, post-traumatic syndrome and neurological disorder.
But Temprana Reflex Therapy also helps alleviate common physical and mental disorders.8 CE hours course LEARN MORE

Rheumatic Illnesses
During this course you will be taught about Rheumatic disorders and how they are treated with Facial reflexology.8 CE hours course. LEARN MORE

Protocol: Treat Alzheimer, Dementia
This course offers everything you need to successfully help the elderly and Knowledge of the body’s chemical processes and brain functions, necessary to build a correct and successful treatment plan. LEARN MORE

Teeth Reflex Therapy Course
Teeth Reflex Therapy method and how to get amazing results for customers with almost any oral health issues and also improve their overall wellbeing! LEARN MORE

Ocular Therapy Course
Ocular Therapy is based on manual experiential nerve points and acupressure points prescriptions for specific patterns and medical eye dysfunction conditions. LEARN MORE

These courses provide key insights into successful professional practices, whether you are in the office or in your home.
These courses will help you be your best self wherever you are.

Lone Sorensen

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