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By Lone Sorensen

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An alternative hairdresser's salon helps customers with terminal cancer and other chronic illnesses using the methods of Facial Reflex Therapy and Tibetan Neck & Scalp Reflexology.

The International Institute of Face, Foot & Hand Reflexology is an institute offering education and treatments of advanced techniques of Reflex Therapy directed by Lone Sorensen. Among other things, the Institute has offered therapy and courses for hairdressers, providing them with tools to help their costumers suffering with cancer and other chronic illnesses as a complement to conventional medical treatments.

The Tibetan Neck & Scalp Reflexology can help people with cancer or other serious illness improving their quality of life. It can also help clients to cope better with symptoms, such as pain and anxiety.

The Tibetan Neck & Scalp Reflexology is suitable for people of any age and can be applied at any stage of the disease. This method is effective and natural.

The treatment not only activates the anti-stress hormone, but also boosts the endocrine system to produce morphine substances that relieve pain.

The therapy can be done along with treatments that are intended to cure, since palliative care is usually provided by a team of doctors, nurses and social workers - and in some international hospitals, professionals in complementary therapies, including reflexologists.

The concept is built on Chinese Medicine and 5 element law with different treatment plans which is chosen by clients suffering. The Palliative Care Hair dressing concept content training in:

-Manual stimulation based in Tibetan Neck & Scalp Therapy using Essential oils. All products are completely natural, without additives and all products containing essential oils.

-Natural shampoos and special oils with the therapeutic effect.

-Color light therapy, using a portable color lamp that can reach up to nine different frequencies.

Research has shown that many useful essential oils have a devastating effect on cancer cells.

Some of these oils are:

Frankincense: A study in the journal "BioMed Central journal" about complementary alternative medicine in March 2009 revealed that Frankincense oil can be used to help patients suffering from bladder cancer. "This oil is an affordable way to eradicate cancer without harming the body's healthy cells. Since Frankincense is a natural substance, there will be no adverse reactions associated with use of chemotherapy. The oil seems to be able to distinguish cancer cells from normal bladder cells and reduce cancer cell viability."

Tsuga: A cancer research conducted by Brigham University in 2003, found that Tsuga essential oil had important properties that could help in the fight against breast and cervical cancer.

Lemon Oil: It boosts the immune system, promotes the formation of white blood cells, improves circulation, elevates the mind and tones the skin. "Lemon Oil is infection resistant, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and an excellent disinfectant. It can support the immune system in cancer prevention" (Ph.D. H-H. Sherry Chow. The University of Arizona).

Lemongrass Oil: Lemongrass oil has been extensively studied for its cancer-inhibiting properties. Studies have shown that the chances of suffering colon cancer can be reduced with lemon grass oil. The study showed that lemongrass oil induces cancer cell death through a natural process called the apoptotic process.

Sweet Linalool: Linalool is a sweet, relaxing aroma, which is found in many essential oils. It has been shown that Linalool completely eliminate liver cancer cells when used in very low concentrations. Besides its cancer inhibitory effect, Linalool has also anxiety-relieving properties.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood is a good ally when fighting against breast cancer. It is said that, because of its high content in alpha-santalol, it prevents the development of skin cancers and tumors. This has been proven in a study published by "Journal of anticancer Research" in January 2008.

Sweet Orange Peel oil: this oil is the most important of all citrus oils thanks to its high content in limonene. Orange leaves and peel have strong healing effect and remarkable anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties.

Spice Oils: Spice Oils as thyme and oregano are also effective when fighting cancer. These oils are said to be able to protect the breakage of DNA strands when exposed to strong oxidative stress. Some oils are not directly anti-cancer drugs, but prevents tumor growth by enhancing the immune system.

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Lone Sorensen
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