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The best 10 Study tips to succeed in Reflex Therapy and boost your results!

The best 10 Study tips to succeed in Reflex Therapy and boost your results!

For many of us, the end of the year is the perfect time to realise where we are, think about where we like to go and make a good plan or strategies to reach our primary objectives.

In the field of Reflex therapy and natural techniques, there is a lot left to know on how to improve our knowledge, that is why we are looking forward to helping our students to reach and become the best practitioners.

Learn how to take the most benefits of our courses.

1.Set your goals

Never underestimate the power to identify the objectives you wish to reach in the field of reflexology, so it is a good idea that before starting a course you ask yourself the following questions: What kind of reflexologist do I want to be? Am I more interested in health? Am I more interested in aesthetics? Do I wish to specialise in some specific field? How hard should I work to reach my goals? What should I learn? When should I learn it? Establishing a study routine is fundamental. Once you are clear on where you want to go, it will be much easier to develop a plan on how to achieve success in your field.

2. Make a study plan

When we study, there are not many secrets; it is best to be well prepared. First and foremost, make sure you avoid any distractions. Turn off the phone, close all browser windows that have nothing to do with the course you are going to study. Search your schedule for the perfect moment in which you know that nothing will distract you and that no unexpected events will arise. The second, make sure you have a good cup of tea and water on hand. Also prepare a quiet space, a room with good light and calm. Have the videos of the course on a side and the printed materials or in PDF on hand to read and consult as many times as necessary. A marker to highlight and make your summary of the most important concepts of what you are studying. I always make a list of the tips that Lone gives us in each video, it is fundamental, and I have noticed how it has enriched my learning with all its tips, more than 40 years of experience at the reach of the hand worth more than gold!

3. Take a break

Very important, there are study techniques that ensure that taking a break is as or more important than being hours and hours studying. My favourite method is to consider 25 minutes. Then I set the alarm and make a break of 5 minutes I take advantage to stretch and eat some snacks like fruit or nuts. Then study another 25 minutes. Then another break. Moreover, so up to 4 times each day. Also, if I ever feel that I need to improve my concentration, I use pine oil and lemon oil to help me concentrate, as well as some infusion of rosemary and lemon.

4.Embrace new technologies

Of course, the traditional method of studying with paper and a pen is still used to study. However, sometimes it's good to be able to make the most of new technologies. Ten years ago I never thought that watching a video on the bus would be as profitable as sitting at my desk to study. My iPad happened to be my best companion, even making a trip with the family in the car. Waiting at the airport can be ideal times to take out your laptop.

5.Test yourself

The best thing, the exams and the questions of Lone `s quizzes will help you to test yourself. Check if a concept was well assimilated, is the best way. Also, do not worry if at first, you fail in some test, the more you practice, the better prepared you will be to treat your clients and understand a pathology or health imbalance. Also exercising with family and friends is an excellent way to test yourself. How to receive my client? What products should I prepare? Is my table comfortable? How to ask the questions to make a Client´s history? How can I improve my case study? They are many of the things that you will only improve with practice. Luckily Lone has thought of everything and also offers annual opportunities such as the International Training week, in which students from all over the world attend to share experiences and improve their skills and knowledge.

6. Find a healthy balance

Your attitude and lifestyle have a powerful impact on your study process. Do not complain too much! "I'm sleeping very few hours", "I should not have gone out with friends until so late yesterday", "I'm not eating very balanced food!". Stop complaining and do something to change it. Be the change you want to see in yourself and the world. Instead of complaining, focus on your goals and generate the situations that you think are good for you and that will help you get the most out of this course that you were so keen to do. You will see how in a short time, you will be able to be a successful professional.

7. Be positive

When you think positively, the reward centres in your brain generate more activity, helping you to feel more relaxed, less anxious and that you will have your mind to new study techniques. It's all a matter of trying if something does not work you may have to discover another method that fits better in your process. Lone Sorensen and her team will be happy to help you achieve your goals so that your study process is pleasant and changes your life for the better! Combine your study with methods and techniques of positive thinking and mindfulness meditation work!

8.Cooperate with partners and practitioners

On our website, International you can find a list of local instructors, they can help you find other students near your city, also if you write to support. Finding partners with whom you can practice and receive treatment will help you first to know how a client feels when receiving therapy. Moreover, then exchange experiences and ideas in such enriching. You can also plan and attend the Hands-On with Lone in Barcelona or at the International Training Week.

9. Mark small challenges

According to scientific research, the more motivated we are, the more our brain can absorb knowledge. Mark small objectives and challenges to always stay motivated. Focus your energy on that, for example, help someone with a health problem, investigate a pathology or investigate and deepen anatomy.

10. Consult support and Lone Sorensen

Any questions you have about the exam, the best you can do is go to Lone Sorensen and expose your doubts. Not only is the person best suited to solve your questions, but your initiative will be well received, and you’ll show the right attitude by demonstrating that you’re interested in the course. Now you can ask Lone and benefit from her 40 plus years of experience in Facial Reflex Therapy. Sign up for her Membership and ask Lone your questions during LIVE Webinars!
If you cannot attend live, you can send your questions in advance and then listen to the recording of the webinar in the exclusive membership area when you have time!

There aren’t any hard and fast rules to play by when it comes to the best times for studying or how long you should work. Everybody is different, so the best way to establish a routine is to try different things and see what works best for you, then modify your method for maximum learning effectiveness.


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