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Study abroad with Lone Sorensen!

Study abroad with Lone Sorensen!

Being able to spend time abroad while studying reflex therapy with us, may be one of the best experiences you will ever have.

Going “global” will be a life changing opportunity for you, that will offer many benefits for your education and future career.

Take the chance and embrace the countless advantages which participating in our international classes will bring. Study in another country with Lone Sorensen and her qualified Team and have the time of your life!


Study abroad and discover the city!

Our study program does not only offer you a complete education package, but will also open your mind and soul. Come to study with us in Barcelona, Spain and discover the art and culture of this beautiful city. Our main institute is located in a wonderful neighbourhood just by the beach, so after classes you can take a break and enjoy the local gastronomy.

Also check out our study abroad office for additional international schools of your choice and learn about our wide range of classes and possibilities offered by our certified instructors around the world.

Grab the opportunity to learn about different cultures, practise a new language and on top become an expert in Reflex Therapy Sorensensistem!

Reach out for your highest level of education and go global!

It does not matter which school of our program you will choose for studying with us being a member of the International Institute organisation. With our classes you will get a higher qualification degree as you will obtain our Certified Education Licenses acknowledged by the most important reflexology associations of the world, approved by DDZ, Denmark, approved by AOR, United Kingdom, approved by Federation for Holistic Therapist FHT, UK, approved by Irish Reflexologist´s Institute IRI, and co-sponsored and approved by North Carolina Reflexology Asociation, the Center for Healing Arts and the American Certification Board in USA.

With our plan we offer basic education for your major as well as specialisation in specific areas and health topics. You will find all additional information about these advanced education subjects explained in our programs.

You are welcome to explore the possibilities of our different areas of expertise and learn about how to adapt to the life of a student enjoying studies in a foreign country.

Personal and Future Development.

The experience of an international study and travel will impact your life in ways you could not imagine before. You will connect with people from all over the world with a similar or different background to your own one and this will give you the opportunity to exchange treatments and best practise knowledge in-between and after studies like in our Anual International Training Week! You will learn new techniques you did not know about previous to classes. Thanks to Lone Sorensen who always loves to share all her professional expertise and proof of results! You will achieve more independence as a facial reflex therapist as you will take your education to the next level. You will return home from an international education with a new mentality and best practise which you can immediately apply to your own clients in every new possible way. All of these experiences do start with you, so take the opportunity to study and discover your possibilities!

Discover the opportunity of international career opportunities.

Employers are more likely to hire applicants who went abroad: studies show that 64% of companies highly consider international experience when hiring for job openings. Students who participated in an international program or scholarship are twice likely to find a job after graduating than students studied in their home country.

Make new international friends. Stay connected for life.

If you study in another country, you will welcome new people into your life. Going global will mean that you will bond with your classmates, teachers and other people on this beautiful international journey. You will develop new communication and networking skills while interacting with other students as well as with Lone Sorensen and her team. And we will be glad to exchange our experiences of the field of Facial Reflex Therapy with you!

Studying abroad

why not? Go global to gain a new insight of the world, gain more independence and change the path for your future career! Students who joined our international courses improve their education level and gain an undoubtedly competitive advantage to dive into the amazing and endless field of Reflex Therapy. Make your dream a reality because this adventure is waiting for you to be discovered and unfolded. So what are you waiting for? Become a reflex therapist, be part of our team; we are looking for people with passion and heart!

Lone Sorensen

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