Positive experience with Diabetes

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Lissy Poulsen, a Danish Facial Reflex Therapist, has had several positive experience when working with clients who suffered from diabetes. 


A good example of this is Else a 58-year-old woman diagnosed with diabetes.
In 2005, Else went through a chirurgical intervention in the uterus in which she got an anesthetic Epidural injection that resulted in an immediate paralysis of her left arm and both her legs - a year later, her left eye lid also paralyzed.
She had to move into a nourishing home because she could not move and had to be transported in a wheel chair.
After a year, as a consequence of her paralysis, Elsa gained a lot of weight and stared suffering from very intense headaches. She was then diagnosed with diabetes. She became very sensitive to light and had to almost always stay in semi-dark spaces. Together with the headaches, she suffered from an intense pain in her paralyzed eye and other symptoms associated with diabetes.
Else was introduced to Facial Reflex Therapy in 2008 and started a program led by Lissy. Else had already been treated with acupuncture and had noticed great improvements in her paralyzed arms. Therefore, she chose to try with Facial Reflex Therapy as well.



After just a couple of treatments Else could feel a lot of things changing in her body. She also recovered some control of her left arm and realized that, for the first time in four years, she could knit and make crochet.

Else also received Ocular Reflex Therapy, a more specific method also developed by the International Reflex Therapy Institute of Lone Sorensen. After two treatments Else’s eyelid when back in place and the pain disappeared. With time, Else’s eyed stopped being so sensitive towards light.

Else and Lissy kept on working together. Their last update was from 2011, when Else reported that she could move her toes and lift her legs, recovered full mobility of her left arm. She also lost 40 kilos and her glucose levels have been regulated so she does not suffer from the symptoms of diabetes any longer.

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