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By Lone Sorensen

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Sorensensistem™ Japanese Cosmo Lifting is a natural, non-surgical, face-lifting beauty treatment developed and taught by the internationally worldwide well-known Lone Sorensen.   

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Lone Sorensen decided in 1998 to develop a Facial Reflex Therapy method for cosmetic aspects. The first technique was called CosmoFacial. A method that allows treating skin problems and skin diseases, in a completely natural way by stimulating the body's own abilities to normalize functions.


Next, was the Japanese Cosmo Lifting created in the year 1999. Lone Sorensen's first meeting with the Japanese method was during a Beauty Congress in Buenos Aires, where Lone Sorensen attended a course with a Japanese doctor and learned Tanaka Massage self-treatment.

Lone has experienced the Tanaka method in many variations, as well as other methods, some work as real facial gymnastics. One of the methods used in Japanese Cosmo Lifting is the gymnastic art, in combination with parts of the classic Face Reflex Therapy, Lone Sorensen developed in 1988, with some changes combined in a way that ensures increased blood flow and balancing the body functions.

The benefits of Japanese Cosmo Lifting are many and all without surgery!

The results can be noticed fast and are impressive.

This method also makes a wonderfully relaxing treatment to receive and also balances the full body’s function.

Depending on clients’ needs and preferences oils, creams or aromatherapy can be used for Japanese Cosmo Lifting Treatment.

Amazing results, - over a period of few treatments skin appears rejuvenated, and wrinkles will be dramatically reduced without the need for painful surgery.

A natural instant facelift can be achieved with this treatment and clients return again and again for excellent results.

It is well-known that facial expressions, stress, pollution and modern life over the years contribute to ageing, this causes muscles on the face to lose tone elasticity…

Japanese Cosmo Lifting is the solution!


Benefits of Japanese Cosmo Lifting base treatment:

  •     Rejuvenate the face
  •     Reduces wrinkles and deep joints Improve skin and muscle tone
  •     Refreshes skin
  •     Eliminates toxins
  •     Balances body functions
  •     relaxation of body



  •     Products used for treatment
  •     Cleaning the skin
  •     Theory and practice
  •     Basic Step 1
  •     Basic step 2.
  •     11 Japanese therapeutic steps. Use of the crystal and salt
  •     Method of Japanese Self-liftin

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Japanese Lifting 2

Excellent NEW CRYSTAL THERAPY to add into CosmoLiftig and CosmoFace treatment


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