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Ocular Reflex Therapy

The use of a Facial Reflexology treatment along with specific nerve and acupressure points around the eyes has been shown to be extremely effective for many eye conditions. Experience has shown that it is especially effective for treating conditions of degenerative vision loss. This form of treatment is called Ocular Therapy.

Ocular Therapy is based on manual experiential nerve points and acupressure points prescriptions for specific patterns and medical eye dysfunction conditions.

Acupuncture points along the meridians on the face are selected based on their traditional actions. Local new acupuncture points and ocular points are selected around the eyes as part of the treatment plan.

In addition to assessing the condition of the eyes, it is important to understand the condition of a person's overall health. Once a complete health history is taken, and Facial Reflexology evaluation has taken place, the practitioner formulates a pattern of disharmony based on all the information he/she has gathered. A treatment plan is designed according to the individual pattern of each patient.




Course Content

  • The structure of the eye
  • Common eye conditions
  • Oriental Medicine and the eyes
  • The method of Ocular Therapy
  • Treatment plan for Ocular Therapy
  • Practical work

Lila, Face Reflex therapist from USA wrote



Ocular Face Reflex therapy

1) Woman, age 88 with macular degeneration. After one Facial Reflexology with Eye Reflex Therapy treatment, she was able to see shadows. She had not been able to see anything for years.

2) Man, age 59, with extreme dry eye. Facial Reflexology with Eye Reflex Therapy was performed. During the eye treatment, tears flowed into his eyes.

3) Man, age 69, with the start of cataracts with distance focus problem. Facial Reflexology with Eye Reflex Therapy was performed.  Following the treatment, he indicated that he could focus better and items seemed closer to him.

4) Woman, age 66, with chronic dry eye. Facial Reflexology with Eye Reflex Therapy was performed. As this client is out of state, she returned three weeks later and reported that she has not used eye drops since her first session and her dry eye was extremely improved.

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