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By Lone Sorensen

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Mother and Baby Therapy

Facial Reflexology And Cibertherpy
Facial Reflex therapy is a method created in 1988 by Lone Sorensen.

Facial Reflexology is a combination of seven basic steps and twelve additional methodologies that can be applied individually combined depending on the condition of each person.

Cybertherapy is one of the additional methods of facial reflexology; it offers excellent results applied as self-treatment and to your family, and has an important action field in the treatment of regulating the hormonal system after labor. Besides, it helps in every natural process of strengthen the uterus and the immune system, as well as prevention of depression. For example, in case of Caesarea and prolonged labor, it helps the body to restore its natural state. For those who have a child, the time after labour is a unique unrepeatable and unforgettable moment. Unfortunately, normal and easy controllable situations can be scary and generate pain and/or upsets. New parents have to go through new procedures that can frighten them.

Cybertherapy is also an excellent tool to face situations by helping and relieving many upsets that a baby can suffer from the beginning as suctioning, correct feeding, sleep regulation, nasal decongestion, automatic movements, colics, immune system, ear problems, and etcetera. 

Time after labour is always stressing, it is a whole new situation with a newborn at home. It is difficult to achieve a normal rhythm and planning, and for that reason it is annoying to accomplish a timetable of a clinic to get yourself and/or your baby treated by a professional therapist. Here is where the Cybertherapy gets its importance as a great solution to time problem, you can treat yourself and your baby whenever is best for both of you, at the comfort of your home.

Cybertherapy also helps with neurological, skin, digestive, circulatory, urological, rheumatologic and hormonal disorders. Optimal effects are obtained as well by helping the body to restore normality after labour.

Besides, it is very useful for headaches, insomnia and depression, as well as for regulation of arterial pressure, which is appreciated from the very first treatment.



This methodology comes from Vietnam and is more than 3000 years-old. It acts over more than 500 reflex points in the face skin with which our brain and body can be controlled, the effect will be self-healing and self-regulating of many of our physical and mental pathologies.

Each organ reflects the totality of the body. Each point reflects one or many areas of the body in an order, that far from being scattered it follows the natural location of the organs. These points are represented in therapeutic sketches of reflexion. Thus, the psychological, physiological and clinic signs of the body are manifested at least in one of these sketches.

When a person is suffering from a dysfunction or functional disorder, abnormally sensitive points appear in their body or face; they may be hypersensitive or hyposensitive. These points show sometimes visible alterations as colour, wholes, bulges, etc., and they belong to fix to the body and face reflex nets, internal and external.



With the stimulation of the reflex points, impulses are sent through the nervous system to the organs. Thus, the hormonal system, the blood flow and arterial pressure can be regulated, the muscular system relaxed or activated, etc.

The impulse achieved by the stimulation of the reflex points in the face skin is much more effective that the one achieved by the stimulation in the feet area as the nervous endings are closer to the brain, therefore when a nerve point in the face is stimulated the impulse goes directly to the brain and continues its way to the reflex area.

Cybertherapy is an unlimited technique that every person can apply with fast and effective results.

he advantges of the Cybertherapy:

It can be applied at home.
Everyone can be treated, no matter the age.
No need for medicaments.
No needle used.
It does not cause any pain.
The stimulation can be applied 2-4 times a day.
For many conditions, the pain is relieved almost immediately.
It has no contraindications.

The possibilities of Cybertherapy stimulation are multiple, and the results are effective from the first sessions.

The mother’s additional physical changes after birth  

Once you give birth, there is a large change in the amount of certain hormones in your body. These changes can affect the amount of fluid in your body and can cause some common physical changes.

Benefits with Facial Reflexology:

Support a return to normal after labor and childbirth 
Support the health of the reproductive organs (uterus, birth canal and perineum) after birth 
Support comfort and well-being for the new mother 
Support tissue, skin and muscle health after labor 
Support digestive health and regular soft stools after childbirth 

Pregnancy, labor and childbirth are all normal functions of a healthy female body, but do commonly put a strain on your body and general physical condition. Your body has gone through numerous changes in the last several months and also needs to recover from the process of childbirth. It will gradually regain its pre-pregnancy state over approximately 6 weeks following delivery.

After childbirth, it is normal to expect sharp, contraction-like 'after-pains' as the uterus shrinks to its normal size, sore muscles, discomfort or numbness in the vaginal area, as well as temporary difficulty with urination and bowel movements. As the body goes through the recovery process after birth and returns to normal, all these discomforts will resolve.  

Facial Reflexology is a natural way to take care of your baby and yourself after birth
The recovery process described above can be exhausting, and it is important to properly take care of your body so that you can return to your pre-pregnancy state.



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