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By Lone Sorensen

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Tempran Reflex Rehabilitation by Lone Sorensen

Temprana Reflex rehabilitation is a method that combines facial, foot and hand reflex- techniques; a concept of brain and body function through stimulation of points and areas and face, feet and hands.  

The main goal of Temprana Reflex rehabilitation is to achieve an important improvement in children with different problems from brain-medullar damage to visual, auditory, learning problems, or from an incident occurred during birth, domestic accident or chronic disease. 

The methodology of Temprana Reflex rehabilitation insists in tackling the problem as soon as possible, in order to achieve better and faster results.

The different systems that compose Temprana Reflex rehabilitation are focused in rebalancing the patient’s body and brain. The Temprana Reflex rehabilitation uses different kinds of stimulation in order to be sure that all structures of the body and brain are stimulated and for the same reason a personal plan is analyzed and organized and then It is possible to use all his/her resources.

Temprana Reflex rehabilitation acts from nervous system, which is dynamically changing, plus highly flexible and adaptable, due that is always developing new neuronal nets. This flexibility is a high potential to change and this positive change helps Temprana Reflex rehabilitation, easing and increasing the power of it. The neurons move forming neuronal groups that intercommunicate and therefore become like large highways through which the information from the outer world is interpreted from inside and then it is possible to give an answer.


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The course

The course will be a teaching to rehabilitate children in institutions and instruction in education for parents. The parents of children with deficiency or neurological disorders are the key to successfully lead this treatment, due that this kind of kids require a daily stimulation of one or two hours, and we think that parents are the best option to perform this treatment, supervised and directed by professionals. The courses are taught in five modules of 60 hours, with a final exam.


 Content of the course

  • 1 module - theory and practice of therapy for brain damage
  • 2 module - theory and practice to treat syndromes
  • 3 module - theory and practice to treat psychic diseases 
  • 4 module - theory and practice to treat behaviour or learning problems 
  • 5 module - theory and practice – methodology of teaching for parents

The courses are CE provided

The Courses Reflexology sorensensistem tm is approved and Co- sponsored by Lone Sorensen, P00124, is approved as a provider of continuing education by the American Reflexology Certification Board. Reconocido por y Co-sponsored by the North Carolina Reflexology Association and the Center for Healing Arts, NCBTMB. EEUU Approved by DDZ, Denmark.Approved by AoR, United Kingdom Approved by Federation for Holistic Therapists. (FHT)Uk Approved by Irish Reflexologists' Institute (IRI). Trademark Registration No 003701752 af 31/10005


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